Muncie Southside to shut its doors in one week

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This week marks an end of an era in one central Indiana town. The end of an era, but also an end to tradition because two rival high schools will become one next fall.

Time is running out on Muncie Southside High School. The last graduation in the school's 52-year history is one week from Tuesday.

"I know everyone from Central so it's easy to get along with everybody," admitted Southside student Exuse Brown.

He is so excited that he is already sporting the colors.

"I'm excited about its better teams, better sports, better education, better students together. All the students can combine and come together as a whole," Brown added.

It's not like there isn't some sadness here but there is also a new reality setting in regarding "One Muncie."

"At first, I wasn't too awful thrilled about it because I grew up on the south side of town," said 1983 Southside alumus Brian Conner. "My brother and sister went to Southside but now I am ok with it because it's happened. Now we have to throw everything behind it and make it work."

That includes bringing all the championship banners for South and North to here at Muncie Fieldhouse. There are 800 students in both schools, which means Central will welcome anywhere from 1,600-1,800 students in the fall.

"We had 86 classes this year that had less than 15 kids in it in the two high schools," explained Muncie Superintendent M. Tim Heller. "By putting them together, we probably can do a better job with that and strengthening our curriculum."

The final graduation for Muncie Southside is a week from Tuesday.