Muncie girl, 2, recovering after being struck by alleged drunk driver


Alex is two, she loves the Colts and is lucky to be alive.

"She has a fracture to the knee that went to the joint, she has five fractured ribs, she has a fractured wrist on the right side," says her father, John Nelson.

She also has a broken leg and tire marks on her left forearm which are four days old. The tire marks are from the alleged drunk driver's car that hit her near her Muncie home.

"She was crying 'owie, owie'," says her dad.

Neighbor Brian Hensley saw it happen. "I came running around the corner and saw her legs dragging under the car."

"She was skinned up pretty bad," says another witness, Christopher Maddy. "We rolled her over on her side. She was coughing up some blood."

Police say the driver, 50-year-old Doroteo Chavez, twice charged with drunk driving, was drunk again when he ran over the girl. Investigators say he then drove to his carport and stayed in his home until police found him. "Scared," he reportedly told police.

Alex's father has questions. "How do you acknowledge that you hit somebody and say I'm going to park and come back to a seven year old, and you don't come back while she's screaming for help?"

Alex parents and witnesses wonder why Chavez was even on the road with his record, which includes two previous DUI charges. Some neighbors says they're not surprised it happened again.

"They're drinking all the time over there and this neighborhood is just not as safe as it used to be," says Rob Brewer.

"They need to be stopped," says Nelson.  "There's no reason they should have this many chances to keep doing the same thing. It's uncalled for."

Her parents are now encouraged by the little things. "She told us she was thirsty," Elisabeth Rigney says. "We talk to her, she nods her head. She asks for mom and dad."

Their neighbors are planning a fundraiser. And they will show her hospital photo. "To have her smiling picture, then this (hospital photo) next to it so you can see what happens when you drink and drive," says Hensley.

Alex was upgraded from critical to stable condition Tuesday night.

A fund for Alexandria Nelson is set up at all First Merchants Banks. The account number is 0200445554.