Muncie-area woman closing her wildlife rehab center

Courtesy: Muncie Star-Press
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A central Indiana woman who has run a wildlife rehabilitation center for years says health problems are forcing her to close her backyard center.

Seventy-five-year-old Diana Shaffer says she's saddened that she must close the Wildlife Resqu Haus, which she operates in outbuildings and cages at her and her husband's Yorktown home.

Shaffer says she's been "told for years and years and years that I have to get out of this."

She currently has a blind kestrel, a red-tailed hawk with one wing and a barred owl that someone removed from its nest as a fledgling to keep as a pet.

Shaffer tells The Star Press she was just a girl when she started caring for injured animals, bringing them to her mother, who was a nurse.


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