MRSA case confirmed at Mooresville High School


Parents of students at Mooresville High School were alerted Monday about a case of MRSA at the school.

School officials notified parents via email about a confirmed case of the skin infection on a member of the Mooresville High School football team. A physician confirmed the infection, which is resistant to some antibiotics.

"As always, our athletic trainers and student health services staff will continue to actively monitor the health of all our athletes," the email read. "As of this evening, our custodial staffs have begun taking extra precautionary steps through additional cleaning, including that of our football locker room as well as the MHS weight room and locker room areas."

Parents are urged to encourage their children to shower with soap after every practice or school event and to regularly wash their child's athletic equipment and clothing. Children are reminded to not share towels or clothing with others and to notify their parents, coaches or physicians of any skin lesions.

CDC information about MRSA