Move-in day for IU Bloomington students

Some students opted to pay an extra fee so they could move in early.
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Summer came to a crashing end for new Indiana University students - and their parents - Tuesday.

It's move-in day in Bloomington, but the big day for freshmen at IU is Wednesday.

Moving-in day is always one that is filled with myriad emotions. The students are flush with excitement. The parents are filled with apprehension.

Lynn Pikovsky was trying to take it all in stride, but she was saying good-bye to her youngest daughter Tuesday.

"Bittersweet. Very emotional but very exciting," she said.

The Pikovskys made the trek to Bloomington from Maryland. For their youngest daughter Rachel it was love at first sight. So now she is moving in and reality is setting in.

"Any concerns?"

"Yes. I'm ten hours from home so I'm a little scared but I'm confident I will do well, hopefully," she said.

She may be ten hours from home, but Mom says she is not alone.

"She has a few friends from back home who are here and this is one of the campuses she felt the safest at," said Lynn Pikovsky.

Dad was a little more straightforward.

"Our daughter is a tough girl so she will take care of herself but we did talk about alcohol, campus safety. Do not go anywhere by yourself and make sure you are smart," he said.

Over 7,000 freshmen are in the process of moving to IU Bloomington. Scholastically it is one of the most promising classes ever.

Mark Land is Associate Vice President for Communications at IU.

"From what we are seeing from SAT scores, the number of students with academic honors degrees, this should be one of the most highly credentialed classes we have ever had," he said.

Wednesday is actually the big move-in day but you can pay a little extra and move in early. Beat the rush and get on with the introductions and the freshman year.

More students will move into their rooms Wednesday at IU, and we will be there with them on Eyewitness News Sunrise beginning at 4:30 am.