Mourdock finding support among Tea Party

Ed Sides

Indiana's Tea Party Movement is playing a major part in the US Senate race. Two polls show the race between Republican Richard Mourdock and Democrat Joe Donnelly is too close to call.

The big push to the November election begins with a neighborhood delivery.

The Indiana Tea Party is back at work for Richard Mourdock. They have heard all of the claims that Mourdock is a Tea Party extremist.

"He was bought and paid for by them and supported by them," said Robin Winston (D-WTHR political analyst).

"Richard Mourdock has never defined himself as a Tea Party candidate. He's a Republican. The Tea Party claimed him," said Greg Fettig of the Indiana Tea Party. Fettig made a delivery of yard signs to Ed Sides' home in Noblesville after he finished an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

"Our efforts will be to saturate central Indiana but that is being replicated in every corner of the state," said Fettig.

That means 25,000 signs need to strategically placed - 25,000 by Election Day here in central Indiana alone.

"Today is starting the big push for November," said Sides.

Sides commandeered his pickup around Noblesville looking for the best placement locations. Winston says it's up to Joe Donnelly supporters to match the Tea Party's enthusiasm.

"They have the ability to add emotion to a campaign and on our side we have to make sure we have momentum out and emotion to vote for him," said Winston.

Some Republicans seem complacent after Mourdock's primary victory over longtime incumbent Richard Lugar.

"Part of the cost we pay for democracy is that sometimes good people fall down and that is a price we are willing to pay so all of us can have our viewpoints," said Peter Rusthoven (R-WTHR political analyst.

But now Mourdock fights against allegations from the Democrats that he is a right wing Tea Party extremist as those alleged extremists work to get him elected. We asked Ed Sides about the "extremist" label.

"That depends on who you ask. I am extremely enthusiastic about the constitution and about liberty and our freedoms and I'm afraid we are close to losing them," said Sides.

So he is doing what he can. He has 24,999 signs to go.

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