Mourdock compares US economic woes to Nazi Germany

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Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock is comparing the handling of the national economy to the events leading up to Germany's 1936 elections under the Nazi regime.

Mourdock cautioned Indiana Republicans to beware politicians who promise entitlements and spending as debt grows. He said the Nazis made the same promises to a beleaguered German people before that country's 1936 elections.

Mourdock delivered the analogy Saturday morning in his farewell speech to Indiana Republicans during the party convention. Mourdock is term-limited from seeking re-election as treasurer.

He said afterward it wasn't meant as a direct comparison to President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

Mourdock's comments recall remarks he made during his 2012 U.S. Senate bid about rape and abortion that sparked a national uproar. Mourdock lost that race to Democrat Joe Donnelly.

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