Motorcyclist injured in IMPD officer crash speaks about injuries

Eric Wells died in the Aug. 6th crash.

Indianapolis - The woman who survived the crash with IMPD Officer David Bisard is speaking out about her injuries and her friend who was killed two months ago today.

Mary Mills was with the group of motorcyclists struck by Officer Bisard as he responded to a call. The crash on August 6th killed Indianapolis motorcyclist Eric Wells and put Mary Mills and her boyfriend Kurt Weekly in the hospital with serious injuries.

"I can't walk. I can't go to the bathroom by myself. I can't take a shower by myself," said Mills, who suffered multiple broken bones and internal injuries.

In video provided by Mills' attorney Mark Ladendorf, she talks about the crash that changed her life.

"The first memory of waking up was a doctor telling me I had a broken neck and I needed to have surgery done on my neck," she said.

"I also have a broken shoulder and broken collarbone, ten broken ribs," she said.

Mills had a lacerated liver, a punctured lung, a fractured bone in her leg and a crushed toe. Her pelvic bone was broken. Doctors used a bar to help it heal.

"We did call this my towel rack just to make a joke out of it because if you can't make a joke, I would start crying," she said.

Since the interview was conducted, Mary Mills has moved to North Carolina to continue her recovery with family. Mills says the pain is significant.

"I lost a really good friend. I lost a person who was an upstanding person. He never had a foul word to say about anybody or anything," she said.

Mills believes the officer who hit her and tested more than twice the legal limit after the crash should be facing more serious charges.

"I do not call this an accident, like I've told you before. I call it murder in Eric's case and attempted murder in mine and Kurt's case," she said.

"I feel this man was this negligent in what he did and I have the understanding that he got out of his car yelling 'Didn't you hear my siren?' Well, didn't you see the car in front of us and the car next to us and the traffic next to us? We're at a red light and can't move. Did you not see that?" she added.

Mills is suspicious of the black bag Officer Bisard was carrying after the crash, and she's leery of why police took Bisard to a facility not certified to give a blood-alcohol test.

"It tells me corruption with the police department. It makes me wonder how far up it goes," said Mills.

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