Motorcycle club holds rally for peace


After a deadly start to the summer in Indianapolis, those affected most unite to end the gun violence. They attended a ride and rally for peace Saturday where those left behind share a message.

The So Solid Ryders Motorcycle Club started this event. For them, this city's violence is personal.

"I lost a son three, four years ago. He took one right in the heart," said Big Mac, So Solid Ryders Motorcycle Club. "We're trying to send a message. Wake up, wake up!"

"My son's name was Reginald James Hill. A good, loving son, but he was taken away from us on April 5th of this past year," said Brenda Patton-Hill, whose son died from gun violence.

"My son's father, his name is James Chapman III. I got a phone call at 10:30 that said James got shot. I just couldn't believe it," said Antenecia Hoskins.

"My son Antoine Magee and we call him Peanut. He was my first son, my only son. He died June 17, 2013," said Nicole Magee. "I seen my son Father's Day and I cooked dinner for him. Six hours later, he was gone."

Nicole Magee, Antenecia Hoskins and Brenda Patton share a common bond they wouldn't wish on anyone.

"It has torn me upside down. It's a feeling you don't understand and don't ever want to know," said Nicole.

That's why it's so important to them for you to listen and learn.

"People behind that trigger. They don't think about how it feels after that fact. Ya'll making permanent decisions for temporary feelings and it's not fair to our kids," said Antenecia.

"Parenting, my thought. Parenting. If we could get some these parents to start with these young ones - this is Reggie's son. If we could get them to start early, we could make a difference," said Brenda.

They shared hugs and tears, and they also got a token of support from the club in the form of a certificate. They are hoping more families don't have to suffer this same pain.