Motivation is theme for last day of WTHR Health and Fitness Expo

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Sunday wrapped up the first ever WTHR Health and Fitness Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Thousands of Hoosiers showed up this weekend to get information about how to make their lives healthier. The motivation for many is to take what they learned and meet their goals. 

While we may know what's better for our body we switched from white rice to brown, there is a little more fiber. It's not always our first choice.

Dr Angela Henrickson from IU Health explained, "We are a very obsess state, 95 percent of obesity can be traced back to pour nutrition."

At Sunday's WTHR Health and Fitness Expo Hoosiers grabbed up the paperwork and took time to make their health a priority.

"This focused us on what our goals are," said Jackie Scott of Indianapolis. 

She quit smoking last year but she still doesn't feel like she's done enough for her health, "I quit smoking a year ago after forty years. There's a booth here that helped me. But I need to set an overall, big goal."

"Ultimately this is a piece of medal. It was the journey that makes this medal the most important thing," said gold medal Olympian David Boudia. 

A personal conversation with the Hoosier native hopefully gave some Hoosiers the motivation they were looking for.

"Two weeks from now we've got to be fired up have that goal and get a purpose in life," said Boudia.

A purpose to change.

Joe Cooper said, "Right now I'm a little overnight and I unhealthy and improve my overall health. You think the convention will help that? Yes a lot."

Continuing the motivation theme, celebrities Bill and Giuliana Rancic spoke at the Expo for nearly an hour about their struggles with infertility and her breast cancer battle.