Motion filed in Bisard case

The way the investigation into the crash was handled led to changes at IMPD.
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Prosecutors have filed a motion in connection with the David Bisard case.

Bisard is the Indianapolis Metro Police officer who was involved in a fatal crash while on a police run in August 2010. Motorcyclist Eric Wells died in the crash and two of his friends suffered life-changing injuries. Bisard is accused of driving while intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Brienne Delaney with the Marion County prosecutor's office says the prosecutor has filed a motion asking a judge to release for alcohol testing a previously-untested vial of Bisard's blood. The blood is one of two vials that was drawn shortly after the fatal crash.

Delaney says the prosecutor has also asked that the judge order Bisard to submit to a DNA test. The motion states that the test is necessary for the state "to prepare its case and to rebut any potential defense."

There is a hearing this Friday at 1:30 pm in Court 5. Delaney says it is a status hearing and multiple things will be discussed including the two recent motions.

A judge ruled last year that the blood test couldn't be used to support drunken driving charges because testing procedures weren't properly followed.