Mother suing school district over son's suicide

Jamarcus Bell committed suicide last October.

Eyewitness News has obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed against Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

Natalie Moore claims her son, Jamarcus Bell, committed suicide last year after he was bullied in school. Moore says the school district did not do enough to protect her son.

The lawsuit says Fishers Junior High School "failed to properly investigate these incidents of misconduct and improperly placed the entire blame on Jamarcus."

The wrongful death suit seeks an unspecified amount of money, including punitive damages.

Michael Beresford, the district's director of human resources and student services, said the district had no comment about the potential lawsuit.

"We have not been notified of a lawsuit, we have head from media outlets, we have not heard from their legal or our legal, so we have no response to that," he said.


Two days after this story was published, the school district sent the following note to parents:

"You may have heard that HSE is the target of a lawsuit claiming that we did not react appropriately to accusations of bullying. Our teachers and administrators took multiple steps to assist the student and his family. We will not discuss the details of our actions in the media, but we believe there are factors that are very different from the ones alleged in the lawsuit and portrayed in the media. We are prepared to present these matters to the court, which is the proper forum for this discussion.

We value the safety and security of all our students. The faculty and staff at Hamilton Southeastern Schools are respectful, earnest and diligent in their daily efforts to provide a safe and encouraging environment for all of our students. Their personal dedication and support for our students is exemplary, and we are grateful for their service to the schools and community. We also appreciate the support we receive from our parents and community."