Mother recalls frantic search for child in stolen car

Emily Voss with her daughter, Lily.
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The mother of a toddler found safe after a ride in a stolen car is talking about the terrifying ordeal, as police continue to look for a suspect.

Emily Voss says once she realized her daughter was being driven away against her will, she did everything physically possible to stop it, sending her into an immediate panic.

"I was running and screaming, screaming for help and screaming for the baby," Voss said.

Her 18-month-old daughter Lily was in the family car when it was reportedly stolen by a neighbor. Voss says 18-year-old Donald Nixon, shivering in the cold, asked for help Thursday night at her east Indianapolis home.

"'Do you have a phone I could use? I need to call my dad.' I said yes and I started to hand it to him and he said, 'I am really not that good with phones," Voss recalled.

She says she dialed the number, handed Nixon the phone and returned to shoveling snow, all while keeping an eye on Lily in her car seat.

That's when she says Nixon was suddenly behind the wheel of the car.

"Please, you can have the car, just let me have my baby. Just let me have my baby and I grabbed the mirror," Voss said.

The frantic mother chased on foot, gesturing to get his attention.

"And I am, like, 'Baby! Baby! Baby! Just let me have her!" Voss said.

Emily knows tragedy, because she is the sister of Dion Longworth, who was killed with his wife in the Richmond Hill house explosion. She sent a prayer for Lily's safe return.

"That he can find a place to leave her that is safe and warm where she won't run into traffic and get hurt," Voss said.

The mother's prayers were answered after a stranger found Lily in the lobby of a downtown apartment building, leading to an emotional reunion.

"Got myself calm at that point. I was able to talk normal and at that point, I was no longer screaming and frantic," Voss said.

Police are still trying to find Nixon, who may still be driving Voss' tan 2001 Buick Century, with Indiana plate 995AOP.

Although Voss feared the worst, she never gave up on getting her daughter home unharmed.