Mother of hit-and-run victim pleads for driver to come forward

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A mother is pleading with police and her neighbors to try and find the driver who struck her son in a hit and run crash.

Daniel Lopez is in critical condition, fighting for his life at the hospital. Police say they have no leads in the case. They still don't know who hit the seven-year-old boy and then took off in what witnesses described as a maroon, older model box-style car.

"She not eat nothing. She's just crying. She's not sleeping," explained Javier Lopez of his mother, Jouquina Ramirez, who Lopez said has been at the bedside of her youngest son.

Javier said Ramirez talks to her youngest son.

"She say, 'Don't be sad. I love you so much, David'," recounted Javier.

Little David, though, has not woken up yet. He remains in a coma with serious head injuries, a broken leg and pelvis.

"She pray to God for, for my brother so he'll be okay and wake up," said Lopez.

The young boy has been that way since Wednesday when witnesses say a maroon-colored car hit him as he crossed the street at East Troy Avenue and South Walcott Street.

The driver of that car did not stop.

Other drivers and neighbors called 911.

"I'm on Walcott and Troy. A little kid...a little kid just got hit in the middle of the road. He's lying in the middle of the road right now," said one of the callers.

"I was driving down Troy. At Troy and Walcott and there was a kid on the ground, looked like he got hit by a car and there are people giving him CPR," said another caller.

While David's mother prays for him to wake up, she also prays police can find the person responsible.

"He's the only baby she had and she love him so much," said the victim's older brother.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.