Mother mourns loss of twin boys in Lafayette fire

Photos courtesy Layla Abbott
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Investigators still don't have a cause for the house fire where three-year-olds Liam and Landon Abbott died Saturday in Lafayette at 10790 Brandy Kay Court. But the house remains wrapped in crime scene tape, with two crosses and toy trucks in the front yard to remember the little boys who lost their lives.

"That's Landon on top and Liam on the bottom," said Layla Abbott, holding up a picture of Liam and Landon when they were just days old.

The picture showed the newborns touching each other as they slept. Even as infants, Abbott said her fraternal twins didn't like to be apart.

"They always had to be with each other. They were always with each other. I never separated them," she said.

Now, even in death, the same will hold true for these brothers who called each other "Bubby."

"They came into the world together. They left together and they're going to be buried together," said Abbott, who will bury her sons in the same casket this Saturday.

"I picked them out little outfits. I was going to put 'em in suits, but they didn't have pockets and they have to have pockets," Abbott explained, saying little Landon liked to wear pants with pockets so he could hold money and the keys he used when he pretended to start up his bicycle.

"The blue one was Landon's and the red one was Liam's, but they'd fight over them all the time," Abbott said, holding up the small bikes which she said she had to put in the closet for now because it was too painful to look at them, knowing her boys will never ride them again.

"They were my little boys and I loved them more than anything in the world," said Abbott.

The last time Abbott saw her sons was Friday when she dropped them off to stay with their father Brandon Abbott.

"He asked for them on Friday and I let him take them and I wish I wouldn't have," said this grieving mother.

Liam and Landon were with their dad when a fire started in his Lafayette home last Saturday morning.

Brandon Abbott and a female friend escaped, but the boys didn't.

"I knew they weren't safe with him. I knew something bad was going to happen," said Abbott, who has been estranged from her husband since last July.

Court records show Abbott had a protection from abuse order against her husband, but the two were working on visitation arrangements for their children.

According to court records, Brandon Abbott has a lengthy criminal history with felony convictions for burglary and possession of marijuana, along with arrests for domestic violence and marijuana offenses.

Although investigators haven't said if they think the fire's suspicious, court records show police got warrants to search Brandon Abbott's house after finding guns, ammunition and drug paraphernalia inside the home while looking for what caused the fire.

Investigators said it could take a month before they know what caused the fire and have not charged anyone in relation to it, saying they have more people to interview.

Now, Layla Abbott said she's plagued by the "what ifs", holding on to the last time she saw her little boys alive.

"I told 'em 'Bye and I loved them' and I went in for my extra kiss," Abbott remembered.

"They both gave me a little kissie face and gave me my kiss and that was the last time I saw them," she said.

A funeral for Liam and Landon Abbott will be held this Saturday at Tippecanoe Memory Gardens where they'll be laid to rest. Visitation starts at 11. The funeral will follow at noon.