Mother in school gun incident kept as baseball coach

Bonnie Trahan
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The mother arrested for having a loaded gun at school during a meeting with her child's principal is now under scrutiny on the baseball field.

Bonnie Trahan coaches Little League in Anderson. The league decided to keep her as coach, despite the arrest.

The Brooklyn Little League has taken a hit from some Anderson parents because of Trahan's actions off the diamond. In fact, a few parents pulled their kids off the team.

One father, James, took his daughter out of the league when he learned Trahan was allowed to keep coaching.

"I felt like this was a risk that was not acceptable to take just to play softball," James said.

Last week, Anderson Police arrested Trahan for bringing a loaded .40-caliber Glock to a meeting with the principal at her child's school. Trahan, in an interview with Eyewitness News last week, called it a mistake.

"I just completely forgot that I had it on me. I have it on me all the time," Trahan said.

"I think it shows bad judgement on somebody's part to take a gun into school, loaded," James said. "Are they gonna be exercising that same judgement on the ball field if they don't like something?"

The president of Brooklyn Little League, Rob Wolfgang, placed Trahan on probation, but kept her as a coach, after meetings with parents, board members and Trahan herself. Wolfgang says none of the the boys' families she coaches left the team or felt she was a threat.

But a few other parents in the league want her off the field.

"If I felt just one smidgen that you was any threat to anybody, you would have to step down. But in my heart of hearts and knowing her the way I do, that's just not the case," Wolfgang said. "Would it have been a different case had it been somebody brand new to the league that I didn't personally know? I probably would have suspended them."

"That's what I heard, 'We know her and we're friends.' Okay, so you're friends. What does that have to do with my kid's safety? 'Well, she wouldn't hurt anybody,' but yet she took a loaded gun to school and put it on the desk of the principal," James said.

Trahan was arrested on a felony charge of possessing a firearm on school property. No guns are allowed at the Brooklyn Little League ballpark because that's also property of a school.

The Little League president says he's getting new signage to post at the park, so all parents are aware of the rules.