Mother grieves son's shooting death

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Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - A mother grieves her son's death as county homicide detectives track leads to his killer. The victim, 17-year-old David Cooper, rode in the passenger seat with his best friend over the weekend. The suspects' car is a mid-80's light blue Chevy Cavalier with factory wheels on it.

Elicia Banks described her teenage son, David Cooper, who was shot and killed while riding in the car with a friend. "He could always make someone laugh. He loved playing sports, basketball, football."

Someone opened fire on the car Cooper rode in early Sunday morning. It happened on North Arlington Avenue where Cooper and some of his classmates were on their way to another weekend party.

"They were just out trying to go to a party and as they went along on east 38th Street. They met certain crowds and they just followed the crowd," said Captain Phil Burton, Marion County Sheriff's Department.

"Those people followed my son and his friend and basically gunned them down," said Banks.

Cooper sat in the front passenger seat of his best friend's car. The spray of bullets left several bullet holes in the car, evidence for detectives determined to find the shooter. Cooper's friend broke down at the crime scene after realizing the 17-year-old didn't make it.

Cooper, a high school junior, attended Lawrence North, where one student described the school day. "They made the announcement that someone shot David this morning. Pretty much half the people in my class were crying," said David Thien.

School Superintendent Dr. Duane Hodgin didn't want to go on camera about David Cooper's death, saying it is not a school issue. But he did tell Channel 13 that the district's crisis team is helping students and teachers.

"A few of my teachers were feeling pretty bad because they had him early on," said Thien.

Right now detectives are following several leads, but just like David Cooper's family, detectives hope to hear from people with clues about the shooter.

"He has a brother that is 15 and a younger sister that is 13," said Banks.

A second person shot is in stable condition in the hospital.

Call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.