Mother, daughter robbed at gunpoint on south side

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An armed robber targeted an Indianapolis mother who was with her 3-year-old daughter at the time.

The robber ordered the woman to turn over everything she had, including money to feed her child.

The crime happened at Sanders Street and Reid Place on the southeast side of Indianapolis. The mother, Shurnella E., and her young daughter moved to the south side about a year ago. They went looking for new rental property, not knowing they would end up in the face of danger.

"He came up really fast to us and he put a gun to me, to my back," Shurnella said.

She was carrying the money from her $680 disability check that she had just cashed at PNC Bank in Fountain Square. It was all the money she and her daughter had for the month of July.

"I can't really feed my baby right now. You see, she got a bag of chips. That is all the change I had was to get her a bag of chips," she said, tearing up.

She wiped away the tears, thinking about how she and Aaliyah are going to make it through the rest of the month.

Shurnella hopes someone on the south side can help police find the man who robbed her. She's grateful she didn't get hurt, but wants her attacker off the street as soon as possible.