Morning Fog & A Warm Up on the Way

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Nicole Misencik

Winter can be grey, cold, and leave you feeling blah, but how about this cool pic! Thanks to Charles Murray for snapping this shot and sending it our way!

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Fog will be likely across Central Indiana this morning. Temps are below freezing, so a few slick spots are possible.

A few snow showers will be possible today, and a dusting of snow may occur in some spots.

A warm up comes for the weekend with temps near 50. Notice that we have days of rain and falling temps. We are watching the forecast closely for possible flooding, and IF more cold air mixes in, especially Sunday, we could be tracking snow. THIS IS A CHANGING forecast we'll keep you posted with the latest!

7 day forecast

As you hit the road this morning, fog will be an issue. Temps are below freezing, so freezing fog could cause slick spots. Use extra care!


Highs will reach 30 degrees today with wind gusts up to 30mph out of the West by the afternoon.

wind gusts

A few snow showers are possible, and that could bring a dusting of snow to a few spots.


By Thursday highs reach the mid 40s, but rain begins to develop. Rain looks likely through Saturday, at times it will be very heavy, and could lead to flooding with the melting snow.

We have a very close eye on that, and the potential for heavy snow Sunday IF colder air mixes in with the precip. There's still a lot to iron out, so stay tuned!