Morning fire injures woman on Indianapolis southeast side

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A raging fire woke up a family and their house guests who were sound asleep Tuesday morning, sending them running for safety.

Chopper 13 HD flew over the scene as the flames were shooting through part of the roof of the home and firefighters launched their assault on the blaze.

The fire broke out in the 1500 block of Hoyt Avenue, where the family talked to Eyewitness News about their escape.

The family told firefighters the sound of the flames woke them up. Smoke billowed through the roof of the garage at their Hoyt Avenue home Tuesday morning.

"It was thick black and I heard a lot of crackling and popping," said John Thompson.

The fire made enough noise to wake Thompson up from a sound sleep. It also forced him to do some quick thinking to get his family out safely.

"My living room to the garage, I tried to open the service door and smoke just came blowing in so I shut the door back immediately and went and got my kids out," he said.


Indianapolis firefighters immediately attacked the blaze from the air using a ladder truck as well as from the ground. They managed to keep the flames from spreading from to the rest of the two-story structure.

"Flames everywhere and smoke everywhere," said Alicia Thompson, John's daughter. She was in her upstairs bedroom when her father's screams woke her up.

"He was yelling through the house saying, 'Everybody get up! There is a fire! Get out of the house!' Then I banged on my aunt's door saying get up," said Alicia.

Paramedics took Alicia's aunt to the hospital where doctors checked her for smoke inhalation. Even before firefighters could clear the scene, they learned she was in good condition.

The family told firefighters they do have working smoke detectors but they did not go off because the fire started in the garage.

The family's dog, a pit bull named Deano, was not injured.

Damage is estimated at $150,000. Investigators are still looking into what started the fire.