More than Brothers-in-Arms

More than Brothers-in-Arms
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At least once a month, they get together.

They sit around a table and talk. They solve world problems, laugh and give each other grief.

On Saturday, veterans Bob, Dick and Jim will all travel together to the nation's capitol.

“It's really a thrill,” said World War II veteran Bob McClure. “It's hard to express how honored and excited I am about going [on the Indy Honor Flight].”

The men weren't in the same unit; they didn't fight together, but their bond dates back to childhood. Bob, Dick and Jim McClure are brothers.

“He's shorter than I am now...I love that!” joked Jim McClure, talking about his older brother Bob.

They grew up in the Ravenswood neighborhood on the northeast side and served as lifeguards together on Ravenswood Beach. After the military, they were founding members of the then-volunteer Washington Township Fire Department.

“At the time of Pearl Harbour, it was such a shock to the nation,” said Bob who's 87 years-old. He and his 93 year-old brother Jim served in World War II. Dick, the youngest of the three at 83, was in Korea. Their father served. In fact, military service in their family dates back to the Civil War.

Indy Honor Flight typically takes only World War II veterans to D.C. to see their memorial because that generation is dwindling. The organization is making an exception - allowing a Korean War vet - so the brothers can travel together.

“I guess I've been around a long time,” said Jim McClure, “It's hard to get me too excited but I am looking forward to it.”

The three who have gone through so much of life together will get to experience in D.C. what may be the experience of a lifetime.

“I think I speak for all of us here, we're proud to have served our country, and we would not have done otherwise. We all love America,” said Dick McClure.

A true band of brothers, born to serve.

The brothers will join around 70 other vets for the honor flight this Saturday. The public is invited to welcome them home Saturday night at Plainfield High School. They are expected to be there around 8:30 p.m.