More states limiting full-contact practices for high school football

Indiana was the first state to require concussion education for coaches, but now other states are taking it a step further.

California is restricting full-contact practices to just two-sessions a week for no more than 90 minutes each, and only during the official playing season - including preseason - with no contact at all in the off-season.

In Texas, the rules are even more strict with just one 90-minute full-contact practice allowed each week.

Thirty-seven other states have imposed some form of restriction on full-contact practices, but one father said the rules are putting his son at risk.

"I think it's putting my son in jeopardy....As an athlete you want to be prepared for what the conditions are going to be like when you're performing in a game, as opposed to a walkthrough practice."

The latest stats for high school athletes suffering from concussions found in 2012, 140,000 kids had symptoms of, or were diagnosed with a concussion.