More north Indianapolis robbery victims speak out

At least three people have been surprised in their driveway by an armed suspect.

More victims of driveway robberies on the north side are sharing their experience. They say what happened to them can happen to anyone.

"I was fearful with a gun pointed in my face," said a 76-year-old woman.

The woman and her 81-year-old husband, both retired school principals, got surprised in their driveway Wednesday night by a man with a gun.

"Who had a knit hood over his face, but a gun pointed at me. He was standing just about behind where my car is and he said, 'Give me your money'," the woman said.

That's when her husband emerged from the darkness, ordering the gunman to leave as his wife used her cane to defend them.

"So what I did, I started doing this and about that time, my husband, who was standing here in the darkness, shouted out, 'Get out of here!'," she said.

After telling the suspect to leave, the victims say he jumped into the passenger seat of a car and headed north on Grandview Drive. They say police told them the same suspects went on to commit more crimes.

"The police officer said, like on 73rd Street, there were three or four other incidents," the victim said.

The same night, robbers also surprised a man in his driveway at 73rd and North Illinois streets and caught a woman off-guard in her driveway at 54th Street and Manning Road.

Now, the elderly couple is not only making phone calls to get better street lighting in their neighborhood, but also adding more exterior lights around the house, including ones activated by motion.

"His gun was pointed towards me and that was the frightening part for me," the victim said.