More "burn books" investigated as compliment posts emerge

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Eyewitness News has uncovered another case of alleged cyber-bullying involving students. This time, it involves Instagram posts about students in Decatur Township.

Only approved followers can see what's on it the private Instagram page, but the title says enough. It's called "DCHS Hoes."

The Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township called in IMPD's Cyber Crimes Unit to investigate. Police say they're going through forensic evidence and talking to parents and students to determine if a crime has been committed.

School officials say they're waiting to see what police find to determine if the district's anti-bullying policy was violated. If that's the case, the student or students involved could face discipline.

The Decatur page is just one of several Instagram pages Eyewitness News has discovered.

There's one called Central Indiana Burnbook. It's also private, but the page promises to "tell people the truth that couldn't handle it otherwise."

Pike Township School administrators say parents and students there recently reported a Pike Burn Book on Instagram, but say it was taken down within days.

Franklin Police haven't caught the person responsible for the Franklin Burn Book on Instagram. It was discovered two weeks ago, causing a police investigation. Franklin police subpoenaed Instagram to find out who is behind the page and promised to charge the person responsible with harassment.

The page has been taken down, but it's creator could also face expulsion from school.

It seems, though, some Franklin students have adopted that old saying, 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.' They do have nice things to say about each other, and they're also using Instagram to get their messages out.

"It's just a great feeling to be lifted up and have compliments said to you," said Geoffrey McAdams, the Franklin High School freshman who created an Instagram page called Franklin Good Book.

McAdams said he wanted to do something to counter the negativity and hurt caused by the Franklin burn book. Franklin High School sophomore Zarah Clark had the same idea.

"I decided you know, I'm going to be a bigger person than the burn book and make a nice book and say nice stuff 'cause people need that," explained Clark.

Clark created an Instagram page called Franklin Nice Book where freshman Zoe Piotrowski got a boost from a compliment added to her picture. "After all that bad stuff that's been said, it feels really good because you think, 'oh there's still people out there that are friendly,'" said Piotrowski.