Mooresville wife, mother dies from H1N1 complications

Jamie Loveless
Richard Essex/Eyewitness News

Mooresville - The funeral is set for a 27-year-old Mooresville woman who died from the complications of the H1N1 virus. Jamie Blackwell Loveless died last week while vacationing in Florida.

"I have never seen anything like it, I mean, and I hope I never do again," said her husband, Chris Loveless.

Loveless wants to share one thing about what happened to his wife and he hopes people will listen.

"I just wanted to tell people to get their vaccinations as soon as possible," he said.

Jamie Loveless had not had the vaccination. She was healthy, ate right and had a new baby boy.

"Twenty-seven years old, worked out four to five days a week," Chris Loveless said.

Doctors told her husband that after Jamie contracted a minor case of pneumonia, the H1N1 virus took over.

"It weakened her immune system to the point where she got pneumonia and what ended up killing her, quite frankly, was walking pneumonia. Just a standard walking pneumonia," he said.

Loveless says his wife developed a slight fever, but nothing that kept her in bed.

"She just had a temperature of 100.3, that was it," he said.

The new family of three drove to Florida for vacation. Loveless says Jamie was fine for a couple of days, then developed a cough.

"They took some lung X-rays and found she had some pneumonia in her lower lung area. They said, 'You will be here for 24 hours, we're just going to admit you overnight'," he said. "By 7, 7:30 when they did the nurse shift change, they had moved her to ICU. By two o'clock in the morning, she was on a ventilator."

That was Saturday night. Within 24 hours, her vital organs started to fail, then her heart stopped.

"The last words she said to me were, 'I will be fine, just take care of Gavin and I love you', and I said, 'I love you, too'," Loveless recalled. "Those were the last things that I said to her."

For the first time since the two were teenagers, they were apart.

"She was my best friend, she was my first crush," Loveless said.

Visitation for Jamie Loveless is Tuesday afternoon and her funeral is Wednesday.

Three other deaths across the state have also been attributed to the H1N1 virus. A 52-year-old woman in Jackson County and a 53-year-old nurse in Evansville died from H1N1 complications and Greene County also reported its first death from the virus.

At least 15 people statewide have died here in Indiana since the H1N1 outbreak began.