Mooresville Police: Man takes convenience store worker hostage, apologizes

The Circle K worker was taken hostage as she left the store to make a deposit.

Police in Mooresville are searching for a man who took a Circle K worker hostage and apologized to the victim. It happened Monday in broad daylight at Indiana 67 and Camby Road.

A worker from the Circle K at Kentucky Ave. and Camby Rd. was taking a deposit to the bank when she says a man with a gun forced her into her car. The victim tells police the man apologized for taking the money, saying his son has leukemia. Police say the suspect drove her to a meat packing plant on Bolton Avenue several hours later, took her money and fled on foot.

"I am scared to death right now," the store clerk told a dispatcher Monday. The victim has asked not to be identified.

"I was getting in my car with the bank deposit. He put the gun to my side and took my deposit. He drove me around for about five miles with the gun pointed at me, " she said.

According to police, the gunman apologized even as he pointed the gun at terrified clerk, saying he needed the money to treat a sick child.

"He made a comment saying, 'I am not going to hurt you. My son has leukemia. That is why I need the money,'" said Det. Chad Richhart, Mooresville Police.

After taking the store's bank deposit full of cash, the robber fled after forcing the clerk from her car. She didn't know where she was when he dropped her off.

"My car just got stolen. I don't know where I am at," the victim said. "Kenny's Meats. I am in the back of a this welding place."

The robber fled with the cash after leaving the clerk and her car along Bolton Avenue in Mooresville.

Police say even if his motivation is an ill son at home, he is still dangerous.

"He did use a gun. If he is going through some issues it sounds like he is desperate at this point," said Det. Richhart.

The suspect is white, 5'9", in his late twenties, with red hair and a goatee. He was wearing a beanie.

If you have any information, call Mooresville Police at (317) 831-3434.