Mooresville men arrested in IU drug bust

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Jennie Runevitch/Eyewitness News

Mooresville - Two Mooresville men face drug charges, accused of dealing at Indiana University. Police say the suspects came to campus several times a week to sell to students. But on Thursday, they tried to sell to a police officer.

IU police made the drug bust outside Foster residence hall where two men tried to sell cocaine to an undercover officer. They arrested 27-year-old Ryan Hinchman and 19-year-old Carson Davis, both of Mooresville, capping off a three week investigation that started with an informant's tip.

"They made contact with a student who was actually an acquaintance with these two subjects and a connection for a viable community to buy drugs," said Captain Jerry Minger, IU police. "By putting an undercover officer in connection with their acquaintance, we were able to gain enough confidence from him that these two individuals thought it was safe to sell drugs to this undercover cop."

Police say the suspects sold a laundry list of drugs to students, including cocaine, marijuana, xanax, oxycontin and other prescription drugs. A search of the suspects' Mooresville home found scales, paraphernalia and cocaine residue.

Police say this wasn't a one-time drug deal. During their investigation, they found the suspects were traveling to campus multiple times a week to sell drugs to students.

"To have this kind of incident occur where someone's coming onto campus that frequently and trying to market drugs to the academic community is somewhat rare," Minger said.

But it's not surprising. Students say IU is a prime market for drugs.

"They're available if you want to find it you can, definitely," said one student. "36,000 people, there's going to be drugs everywhere, so whatever."

IU police expect to make more arrests since they say someone delivered a batch almost daily. Officers say they've broken up a campus drug network that would have grown larger if left alone.

The two suspects are being held in the Monroe County jail on $20,000 bond. Police haven't yet arrested the student attempting to make a buy or a female traveling with the suspects.
But they say this bust is only the beginning.