Mooresville investigators search for arsonist in string of fires

Photo Courtesy: Mooresville Fire Department
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Mooresville police are running extra patrols trying to catch an arsonist before someone gets hurt.

There have been four fires in three days in the small Morgan county community. They are all on the same road. Police believe they were all set  intentionally. The damage so far has been small, but it's creating a great deal of fear.

Mooresville firefighters found a storage building in flames around midnight Sunday morning. It is the biggest of the suspicious fires that has people in the area scared.

"It's crazy to think, 'What are they going to do next?'" Janice Kennedy said, "Or 'What barn are they going to do next' or move on to something bigger?"

Mini-barns and storage buildings have been set on fire; Two were behind churches and two behind houses. The first fire Thursday night in an equipment shed was caught quickly.

The homeowner is outraged.

She said, "There is not much damage, but you don't go to someone else's property and destroy it."

One fire destroyed the local Church of Christ's mini-barn. Across the street, a storage building behind the New Hope Full Gospel Tabernacle building burned early Sunday. That was the biggest of the fires.

All four fires occurred along the same stretch of Indianapolis Road. All of them were discovered around midnight.

"It's nerve racking," admitted Toni Roark.

She lives in a neighborhood near both churches. A lot of families have storage sheds or garages in their back yards.

"I have a pool," she explained. "There are chemicals in my pool house. If that catches fire, that's not going to be good."

"If one caught fire," Kennedy pointed out, "It could go to the next and cause other fires."

So far, none of the fires has spread to the surrounding areas or buildings. Police are running additional patrols. The Morgan County Arson Task Force is investigating to find those responsible.

Investigators are asking anyone who saw something suspicious or knows anything about the fires to call them.