Monroe Co. crews try to stay ahead of second wave of snow

Roads like SR 37 south of Martinsville were snow-covered Friday morning.
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A winter storm gave Monroe County students a day off - but it meant extra work for those responsible for clearing the streets.

State and county road crews are working night and day, cleaning up from a storm that lasted into the early morning, then trying to stay ahead of a second front that is expected to drop another half-foot of snow.

Falling temperatures are the biggest concern. Road salt works well when temperatures are in the 20s, but hardly at all if the mercury hits the predicted 12 degrees for Friday night.

"If we get 12 degrees, the chemicals stop working, everything locks up, it's hard to get it off the road," said John Chambers, Monroe County Highway Department.

Highway 37 from Indianapolis to Bloomington was icy and dicey Friday morning. Traffic at times was limited to one lane and was terribly unforgiving, even in the best of places.

"It's the first snow of the season. People are driving too fast and not using good judgment," said ISP Senior Trooper Mike Clephane.

One driver, Michael Asier, said it felt like the pavement slipped out from beneath him as his car spun out of control and into another car.