Monday marks deadline for State Fair Relief Fund claims


Today is the final day for State Fair victims to file a claim with the State Fair Relief Fund.

The Indiana State Fair Commission encourages anyone who is the estate executor for a deceased victim, or individuals who were injured in the Aug. 13 accident and were admitted to the hospital for at least one day and night to submit their claims and respective paperwork today.

Claim forms can be found here or by calling 1-855-222-0003. Claims postmarked with today's date (Monday, Nov. 14th, 2011) will be processed.

More than $978,000 has been contributed to the fund, and 26 claims have been paid to date. More than $530,000 has been paid in claims. Seven of the paid claims were from estates of deceased victims, and the remainder represent victims who were admitted to the hospital for at least one day and night. Payments are being distributed to claimants well within 48 hours of being completely processed.

A few people who had their claims rejected are petitioning the fund to reconsider. Victims must show proof that they were admitted to the hospital the night of the accident. People who were injured and received treatment but who were not admitted believe they should also get some compensation from the fund.