Monday at 11pm: High school football helmet safety

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An Eyewitness News investigation reveals some area schools have low-rated football helmets that put students at a much higher risk of concussions. The investigation is triggering immediate change in some of the state's largest school districts.

WTHR Senior Investigative Reporter Bob Segall's three-month investigation found that on a scale of 1-star to 5-stars, many schools are using 1-star helmets that give only marginal protection from concussions - and some schools have helmets that are even worse than that. It's the first time schools have publicly reported what helmets they are using.

13 Investigates took their findings to the nation's leading helmet research lab in Virginia, where they actually test and give our the ratings for helmets. Tonight at 11:00, Bob Segall will show you which schools are using the best helmets, which are using the worst - and how you can tell the difference. The report includes jarring video from tiny cameras that 13 Investigates placed on the helmets of local football players. That eye-opening video, shot during summer workouts at area high schools, shows what a student athlete experiences when hit during a routine tackle.

Schools are already paying attention to this report. Some are making changes in time for this season. We'll show you which ones are doing that in our story on the Nightbeat, tonight at 11:00.