Mobile museum offers hands-on science for Indianapolis students

Christian Oates was impressed by the 3-D printer.
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Steering students toward a promising career is the constant goal of area schools. For some grade schools when funds are tight, it can be very difficult. Yet one east side school has discovered an option.

The gymnasium inside Creston Middle School comes to life with a wide range of scientific lessons. Whether it's learning how to build simple structures, creating designs with magnets or seeing how a 3-D printer works, students here are seeing how classroom lessons come to life.

This mobile museum focuses on science, technology, engineering and math.

"You see it in real life. You learn more by seeing it," said Aniyah Cottingham, student.

"It's way different from what we learn in class!" said Jayla Tennant.

"3-D printing takes a long time, but it works. After it pays off it's cool," said Christian Oates.

"If you think back to when we were kids, wasn't it neat to do things instead of people constantly telling you? I think that's the benefit and I think we forget we were kids once," said Mark Bishop, Mobile Ed Productions.

At Creston, three out of four students come from families at or below the poverty level. It's difficult for those families to pay the cost of the field trip. With this program, the field trip takes shape inside the school.

Three teachers put the grant request together for the project.

"The kids are gonna actually be able to leave saying , 'ooh, I really like this exhibit, and maybe this is something I want to further explore!'" said Jennifer Rogers, teacher.

"We know that children learn by doing, more than they learn from books, and so we're hoping that this experience will let them think about their future," said Kathy Broadlick, teacher.

Teachers are hoping this approach provides just enough exposure to inspire a career that lasts a lifetime.

Teachers at Creston Intermediate have also arranged for visiting exhibits in the fields of physics and math during this school year.