Mixed reviews for Indiana teen drivers

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There's mixed news when it comes to the safety of teen drivers in this state.

The website Wallet Hub ranked the best and worst states for teen drivers. That study found Indiana has the lowest percentage of teenagers with licenses, but the highest percentage of driver deaths among licensed young drivers.

Indiana is among the 11 best states for graduated licensing program laws, which include making teenagers wait longer to get a permit and making them keep it for six months. But some experts say Indiana's lax rules when it comes to requiring professional driving lessons, including allowing teenagers to bypass training if they wait three months, puts too many inexperienced drivers on the road.

"Driver education is more than just a means of getting your licence sooner. Driver education is about appropriate mechanics, knowledge, decision making and the ability to practice those appropriate habits over an extended period of time," said Sam Ruff with the Central Indiana Education Service Center.

The study ranked Indiana 33rd among the 50 states when it comes to safety conditions, which includes percentage of fatalities, drunk driving violations and road quality.