Mistakenly released Marion County Jail inmates back in custody

Ronald Johnson
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Police in Indianapolis say they now have two men who were mistakenly released from the Marion County Jail back in custody.

Chester Irons, 22, walked out of jail six days ago. The next day, Ronald Johnson did the same thing. A recent overhaul of the court computer system uncovered the mistake.

Irons was back in custody on Thursday and Johnson was back in custody Friday.

Officials at the Marion County Jail and the sheriff's department can't say with 100 percent certainty how it happened, but think it could be tied to a computer glitch after bringing a new software online that processes arrestees and inmates.

"The sheriff's office received information from the courts that said they should be released. There was follow up information that did not come as quickly as we would hope and these individuals were released before we found out they should not have been released," said Marion County Sheriff's Department Lt. Col. Louis Dezelan.

Irons was charged with criminal confinement, domestic battery, battery and resisting law enforcement. Johnson was charged with theft and receiving stolen property.

The sheriff's department says they are confident whatever glitches are in the new system, they're being worked out.