Missing Texas teen exhausted but safe with family

Teen with mother after being found. Photo Courtesy: Virdie Montgomery
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A day and a half after the search began for a missing Texas teen, 15 year old Stephen Colbert is resting with his family safe and sound tonight at an Indianapolis hotel.

His family called his safe return nothing short of a miracle.

"There were so many prayers that went out for me and for my family and we believe that God answers prayers and made this miracle happen for us," said Erick Colbert on the phone from an Indianapolis hotel, Saturday night, hours after his son was released from the hospital.

Saturday afternoon at Saint Francis Hospital in Mooresville, Stephen was reunited with his mom who had come to Indianapolis Friday to help search for her missing son. Stephen's father flew in Saturday afternoon and learned his son had been found just before he left Texas.

"We are just extremely happy and overwhelmed with happiness at his safe return," said Mister Colbert on the phone.

Saturday's reunion came after nearly two days of not knowing what had become of Stephen when he disappeared after a band performance at Butler University Thursday night.

Colbert's high school band was in town performing as part of the Music For All National Festival.

Stephen's father said so far, they have not pushed him for many details about where he had been the past two days.

"The responses that we've received have been pretty disjointed. It appears that he's been dealing with some level of confusion," explained Erick Colbert.

Police said they were only certain that in the time Colbert was gone no-one had abducted him or harmed him.

"It appears that he didn't sleep out in the cold, that perhaps, again, I'm not 100-percent sure of this information, but perhaps he was in a building one night or both nights or something," said Mister Colbert of his son's disappearance.

According to police, the teen told them he missed the bus from Butler University back to the hotel where the band was staying Thursday night.

Police said Colbert also told them a woman gave him a ride, but after that he didn't remember much except waking up outside a building and walking.

"At one point, he mentioned sleeping in a car somewhere, but again, I didn't understand if that was part of his level of confusion or not," said Stephen's father.

A couple found the teen Saturday afternoon walking along State Route 67 near a Steak and Shake in Mooresville.

They recognized him from television news reports and called 911.

For now, the details, Colberts parents said are not what's most important to them, only having the teen safely back with them.

"We're just thrilled and extremely happy to be reunited with our son," said Erick Colbert.

He said the family could fly home to Texas as soon as Sunday.