Missing Ohio family found safe in Everglades

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Authorities have found a missing Ohio family in good condition after they didn't return from an airboat trip in the Florida Everglades.

"Took a wrong turn," said Scott Schreck, 44, speaking to reporters after the ordeal Friday. He said it was his first time out in the Everglades.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino said Friday the family of five was spotted by a helicopter after searchers heard an air horn and whistles. Pino says the vegetation was too dense to spot the family at ground level.

The family was identified as 44-year-old Scott Schreck; his 42-year-old wife, Carrie; and their three young children. They launched their airboat Thursday.

"Took a wrong turn. Had a great fishing trip. Boys had fun, wife was having fun. Came to the end of one canal, took a right and couldn't get the boat turned around," said Schreck, who said the family was fishing and "taking pictures of 'gators" when they got lost. He said the family had "plenty of food and water" but he was worried when he couldn't find his way out of the swamp.

The searchers used aircraft and airboats to scour a vast marshland that covers more than 1,000 square miles.

Schreck said the mosquitoes were "awful" although he did set a fire to keep them away. He also said his wife wasn't "getting in that boat for a while."

The family's airboat was painted in camouflage and difficult to see. The area also had heavy thunderstorms and rain Thursday.

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