Missing 87-year-old man found

Theodore Johnson has been missing since Monday.
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An Alzheimer's patient who walked away from a nursing home earlier this week has been found.

The search for 87-year-old Theodore Johnson took to the skies Thursday to see if thermal imaging cameras that look for body heat, could detect the missing man on the ground. He was found Friday morning not far from the nursing home. He's in stable condition and is being checked for dehydration.

On Thursday, police launched an all-out search for Johnson.

"We're looking for Theodore Johnson. He went missing Monday, 46th and Post Road at the retirement home," Lawrence Police Ofc. Gus Canas told a crowd of people standing outside an apartment complex near 42nd and Post Road.

Lawrence Police handed out flyers with the missing Alzheimer's patient's picture on them to anyone who's been interested.

"If you guys see him, give us a call please, okay?" Canas told another group of people near a gas station.

Much of the search focused in areas surrounding Lawrence Manor Healthcare where Johnson climbed out a window Monday morning.

"Just around the area, just see if he's walking back in case he does back track to where he was staying at," explained Canas of his drive near the nursing care facility.

Police have also checked wooded spots in Lawrence.

There were unconfirmed sightings but Johnson wasn't found until Friday.

"He could be from an apartment, to a church, to the shade in an abandoned car. He could be anywhere," said Canas.

Police weren't just searching for Johnson in Lawrence where he disappeared. They basically took a tour of his life, coming back to neighborhoods like one at 35th and Schoffield where Johnson used to live some 46 years ago.

"He might want to go back into his past and kind of track his life until now," explained Canas.