Milwaukee police release dashcam video of officer shooting suspect who later died

Image provided by Milwaukee Police Dept.
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MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (WTHR) - The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office released dash camera video of a police pursuit that ended with an officer shooting the driver. The man died two days later.

The chase happened Sunday near Milwaukee’s crowded lakefront.

In the video, you hear a deputy ordering 19-year-old Terry Williams, the driver of the SUV, to pull over.

But Williams makes a left turn through traffic and goes off-road into a grassy area as the officer gives chase.

Later Williams’ SUV mounts a median where the shooting takes place.

Puffs of smoke from gunfire are seen in front of the vehicle. That's when a deputy on foot appears, dodging Williams’ car as it veers toward him.

Police say the officer fired several shots, hitting Williams in the head.

The officer has been placed on leave while the Waukesha County Sheriff's Office investigates the shooting.

Attorneys for Williams’ family are calling the dash cam video a "smear campaign."