Mild winter could leave credit on upcoming gas bills

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Many customers who are billed on a budget may head into the winter with a credit.

That's what many budget billing customers are finding on their bills recently. That's because when the gas company measured the average usage last year for customers on budget billing, they found gas usage down quite a bit because of the unseasonably warm winter.

Vectren Energy says for their 98,000 local customers on budget billing, monthly bills went down - in some cases by 30 percent.

That means many customers were able to build up a credit. That credit can just roll over or, if you want the money in hand, you can ask for a refund - but you'll have to end your budget billing.

You can always sign up again online or call if you find you like paying the same gas bill every month, even during the summer.

There's also good news for customers not on budget billing. Vectren Energy announced that with natural gas prices staying stable over the past three years, if there's normal winter weather ahead, customers could see bills that are as much as five percent lower.

Bills can vary, though, depending on the size and age of the home, number of gas appliances, people in the house, thermostat settings and amount of insulation.

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