Mild weather offers opportunity to prepare for winter

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With the mild temperatures expected today, it's hard to think about getting ready for winter.  But that's exactly what the city and state are doing. Snow plows are on the road "this morning" and why you should be getting ready for that first snow today.

Snow plows have been running their routes along the Interstate highways. They've been spraying brine on those bridges and overpasses on the cold mornings this week.

"We've had some new drivers in training," said INDOT's Nathan Riggs, "learning the snow routes to be familiar."

This is also a chance to get new drivers trained on the equipment and routes. They didn't have to do this much last year, which is why it's especially important to be ready this year.

"Because of the mild winter last year, we did see some savings," said Riggs. "We can kind of roll that over into this year to make sure we are fully stocked."

Riggs went on to say that INDOT expects to see an increase in the number of accidents when the first snow hits. State Police record a spike in accidents and attribute the increase to people who forget how to drive in snowy conditions.

Now is also the time to make sure your car is ready for the winter. You should be checking tire tread, windshield wipers and fluid, and the engine.