Mike Epps meets Naptown Knitters

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INDIANAPOLIS - We're 137 days away from Super Bowl 2012. Wednesday, actor-comedian Mike Epps was in town helping the city prepare to host the big game.

He met with a group of current offenders called the Naptown Knitters. Their contribution will help keep Super Bowl volunteers warm throughout the festivities.

Wherever Mike Epps goes, he brings along the funny. The comedian and actor from Indianapolis isn't hosting a comedy show this time around. He's an ambassador for the Super Bowl, bringing cheer and helping offenders who are almost finished serving time.

"So, do they lock those doors at night?" joked Epps.

They're spending time knitting scarves. Meet the Naptown Knitters.

"We were told that we could accomplish about anything. We set our minds to it and we were really intimidated. Men knitting. We found out that men knitted first. We had a good teacher and we just figured it was something to give back to the community," said one of the inmates.

8,000 scarves will be ready and worn by Super Bowl volunteers in 2012. They could be wearing one by Mike himself.

"That's kind of like braiding June Bug's hair," he said as he got a knitting lesson.

"They have so many different editions of them. I think the Kardashians need a scarf," he said.

But amidst all the jokes, he didn't forget the real meaning of the program's mission.

"There's so many people coming in from out of town, all over the country, all over the world.We want to show them and let them know how we represent in Naptown. We're going to start off by knitting these scarves, so when they all leave, they're going to have a little stain stuck in their head about the Naptown Knitters and how much of a good time they had here for 2012 Super Bowl. Be there with your own hair!" Epps said.

Right now the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee is holding two events hosted by Epps, along with Sandy Patti for 13,000 volunteers. That's where the volunteers learned what's expected of them during the Super Bowl.