Michelle Schrenker appears on Today Show


New York - A national audience heard from the local Geist woman accused with her husband Marcus Schrenker of stealing millions of dollars from investors.

Michelle Schrenker talked about the allegations with Matt Lauer on The Today Show. But it's what she said after the interview that sheds more light on their marital problems.

Michelle Schrenker says her husband changed.

"We were very happy. It was just in the last year that things started changing with the affair, that's when I started noticed changes with him," Schrenker said.

Michelle Shrenker says she can't believe how her life has unraveled so quickly from a once successful business with her husband to his alleged plot to fake his own death. But the most hurtful issue that doesn't make sense, she said, is the infidelity.

"It doesn't, not after all the conversations we've had throughout our marriage about infidelity, after all of our friends have gotten divorce over infidelity. We've always said cheating on each other would be like cheating on our kids. We'd always have enough respect for each other to end it before we did that to each other," she said.

Mrs. Shrenker also talked with the Today Show's Matt Lauer, defending herself and saying she had no knowledge of her husband's alleged financial impropriety. While the state claims they stole millions of dollars from investors. She says her title of chief financial officer was just that and that she had no real role in the businesses.

"Our company could never take monies from clients. The only people that could hold monies were the broker dealer. So anything that we ever took into our company, he took the deposits in. That was never something I did. My focus was always my family," Schrenker said.

A Hamilton County judge recently froze the couple's assets, allowing Michelle and her three children to stay in their Geist home until June. Her attorney is now appealing the decision.

"They have really taken everything she has from her without first proving that she had anything to do with the investor fraud that Marcus is accused of engaging in," said Mary Schmid, Michelle Schrenker's attorney.

"People seem to think that the state is giving me some kind of allowance, that it's helping me take care of my children. And that's not what's happening," Schrenker said.

Michelle Schrenker says family and friends are now helping her financially. She says her focus was always on her family.

"So my mind wasn't occupied with what was going on in the business or what he was doing. My mind was occupied on keeping my marriage and keeping my family together and making sure that my children were okay because my family was in complete turmoil. My kids were in turmoil," she said.

Schrenker says so was their marriage.

"He would just say, 'I feel like you're always yelling at me' and I never did," she said. "He would find reasons to fight with him and you know it was usually about the affair. 'I won't yell at you if you won't have an affair.'"

Now it's the mistress who is Michelle Schrenker's witness against her husband.

"He had every opportunity to file for divorce and he never did."

Schrenker's pleas to end the affair, she said, was always a fight.

"It was fighting reasons to rationalize going to her. It was a vicious circle, nothing made sense, and all I wanted was to keep my family together and keep my marriage together that was my whole focus the last year," she said.

She also revealed what her husband told her from jail.

"He's made his apologies to me," she said.

Dateline will feature the entire Schrenker story on an upcoming show in March. We'll keep you posted on the date.

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