Michael Parrish pleads guilty in abduction assaults

Michael Parrish

A man accused of engaging in what prosecutors called a "four-day reign of terror" in two central Indiana counties pleaded guilty Thursday.

Michael Parrish, who admitted to sexually assaulting two women, will spend 100 years in prison for his crimes.

Police say Parrish went on a crime spree in February, committing five sexual assaults, four kidnappings, and four armed robberies in two central Indiana counties. His guilty plea and sentence gives speedy justice for the victims.

Michael Parrish will probably be in prison for the rest of his life for what he did to the lives of his victims.

"Mr. Parrish's guilty plea saves the victims having to relive this horrific incident over and over," said Rhett Stuard, deputy prosecutor.

The women spoke with Eyewitness News shortly after Parrish's arrest. Security cameras recorded their abduction from an Avon Walmart parking lot. They were taken to a nearby car port and sexually assaulted as a three-year-old with them watched.

One woman was forced to drive home where Parrish robbed and tied them up

"We were prepared to go to trial and present a strong case," said Stuard.

In court, Parrish pleaded guilty to three of 15 charges, including two counts of criminal deviate conduct and one count of robbery.

The 37-year-old is charged with committing similar attacks in Indianapolis days before the Hendricks County crimes.

A 35-count indictment accuses Parrish of raping two women, invading the home of a third and threatening their lives. That trial is set for June.

Parrish turned down our request for an interview.

Even with time reduced for good behavior, he will probably be in prison until he's 87. For his victims, Stuard said, "it guarantees their safety and the safety of the community for a long time."

"Crime in the city is increasing, and it's starting to bleed out into Hendricks County. Those of us in the justice system need to stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow citizens and say, 'enough is enough,' We need to do everything we can to send a message to criminals that they will be dealt with harshly, particularly here in Hendricks County, like Mr. Parrish, who will be doing 100 years behind bars," said Stuard.

Parrish was accused in a February 5 home invasion on LaSalle St. and a separate abduction and rape of two women later that same day in Indianapolis.

The prosecutor's office says Parrish forced his way into a home on LaSalle St., then signaled for Royce Edwards, Anthony Breeden and Krystal Cook to come in and ransack the home and take valuables. According to court documents, Parrish held the woman who lived in the home at knifepoint.

Edwards, Breeden and Cook have all been charged for their involvement in the crime.

That night, Parrish is accused of abducting two women at gunpoint near Michigan and Berwick. He allegedly forced them to drive to several locations, including a motel, where he's accused of sexually assaulting them. The women told police he had two guns and two knives and told them to "be smarter on who they run into."

In an Avon incident on Feb. 6th, Parrish is accused of abducting two women at gunpoint in the Avon Walmart parking lot and again forcing them to drive to different locations and sexually assaulting them - this time in front of a young child who was also in their vehicle.

Two days later, prosecutors say Parrish robbed a woman at gunpoint at the Plainfield Kohl's.