Miami firefighters throw baby shower for pregnant woman they rescued from burning apartment

Photo: WTVJ-TV

MIAMI (WTVJ-TV) - Strangers came together to help a pregnant woman start a new chapter Thursday.

Nicola Taylor lost everything in an apartment fire last week in the Miami suburb of Lauderhill. Firefighters had to pull her from the burning building.

She lost everything, including gifts from a recent baby shower, less than three weeks from her due date.

Thursday, those same firefighters threw her a second shower,

Firefighters started a GoFund Me page for Taylor after they learned she lost all of the gifts.

Within days, they collected more than $5,000 in donations.

They put together a baby shower where they surprised the woman and her dad with the keys to a new apartment, furniture, baby items and hundreds of dollars in gift cards.

Taylor, who is expecting a girl, appeared speechless by the fire department's generous gesture.

"I see hope. It's a little bit better than before. A lot better," Nicola Taylor said.

She said since the day of the blaze, firefighters have called her every day to check on the family's well being.

"We get a visit almost every day, regardless of how busy they were," said Taylor.

The firefighters collected donations from police departments, commissioners and several non-profit organizations.

"The firefighters were there for us, day by day, night by night," said Daley.

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