Messy roads frustrating to drivers trying to get back to normal

Many surface streets remained snow and ice covered Wednesday.

Streets are still slippery and drivers are getting frustrated. You can finally see blacktop in some spots, but patches of ice and snow create sudden slick spots after Sunday's snowstorm.

Thursday morning, some main thoroughfares were down to blacktop. But downtown Indianapolis streets remained snow- and ice-covered.

The roads are so bad that hundreds of schools closed for their fourth consecutive day Thursday.

It's been three days since snow pounded the city, but on local streets, some of them main thoroughfares, drivers continued to struggle against deep snow, ice and slush.

"It's pretty pathetic, actually," said Seth Stalcud, who lives on Talbott Street.

Stalcud used his hands to show how bad it is on his street.

"There's this much ice, then there's this much snow compacted on top," he said. "We watched a plow come down our street and lift up its plow, not even plow our road."

Even on streets with less snow, slush made for slick driving conditions.

"We've slid several times today," said Whitney Paisley.

"It's still a bumpy road, because its still a lot of ice beneath the slush," said Kelley Lacey, explaining why she's still been driving slowly. "I'm hoping that other people, you still got some crazy people out here, still driving a little wild."

DPW said they'll have all 90 trucks out overnight, salting and plowing streets ahead of Thursday morning's commute.

They've called off their outside contractors and said their smaller trucks will still be hitting neighborhoods as needed.

On the interstates, what a difference a few degrees made. During Wednesday evening rush hour, the pace sped up a bit.

"Coming home, it was good. Going to work, wasn't so good," said Rodney Jones.

Still on I-465, there was some backup during the evening rush hour from an accident that was likely caused by still slick conditions.

"I've been on the interstate and it's been better, but, it's pretty rough still," said one man as he filled up his gas tank at a gas station just off of 465 at Shadeland Avenue.

INDOT said every degree above sub-zero was helping. Some areas, though, still had spots of hard packed ice and snow.

They said their focus in the next day or two would be on ramps coming off and on the interstate and shoulders.

"It's rough. I haven't seen it like this in over 20 years," said James Scanlon.

With warmer temperatures on the way, the clean up should speed up. For drivers, those warmer temperatures can't come soon enough.