Memphis win ends final billion-dollar bracket hopes

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The hopes of millions of would-be billionaires didn't even make it out of the NCAA Tournament's second round.
A second day of upsets left only three people with a chance to win the $1 billion prize Warren Buffet is offering for a perfect NCAA tournament bracket.

When Memphis defeated George Washington Friday evening, the last three perfect brackets were done.

A Yahoo! article says one picker was still perfect late Friday, but did not opt into the billion-dollar contest. View that bracket here.
Most of the brackets were eliminated on the tournament's first full day. The number of unblemished brackets in the Quicken Loans contest on the Yahoo Sports website  kept dwindling after third-seed Duke, sixth-seed UMass and seventh-seed New Mexico lost Friday.
Only 16 people remained perfect after 10th-seeded Stanford topped New Mexico. Then Tennessee routed UMass, leaving only six people with a chance of beating the 9.2 quintillion-to-1 odds.
Gonzaga's victory over Oklahoma State cut that down to three.
At, no perfect brackets were left. ESPN said 66 entries were still perfect in their contest.

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