Memorial for fallen EMS workers reaches funding goal

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A memorial to two EMS workers killed in a crash near downtown will go forward.

Paramedic Cody Medley and EMT Tim McCormick died in February when their ambulance was hit by a car downtown. Even though that driver ran the flashing red light, she was not criminally charged.

Medley and McCormick were the first two EMS members killed in the line of duty in Marion County.

"They just didn't die in vain. They were doing an honorable job in an honorable profession. That needs to be recognized with a sign. It's the least we can do," said Indy Fire Rescue House President Bryan Fleck.

The original plan was to rename the intersection. Fleck said that plan has changed. There will now be a large, blue sign posted near the intersection of St. Clair & Senate titled, "McCormick and Medley EMS Memorial Way."

"It's hallowed ground. It's important place for a lot of people in the EMS community, so we want to memorialize them properly," said Fleck.

The manufacturer, Sign Craft knocked off several hundred dollars. Indy Fire Rescue House has always sold memorial t-shirts to raise money to create the sign.

Sunday night, the group behind the memorial received enough donations to surpass their goal to get the sign created.

"Cody and Tim made the ultimate sacrifice. They gave their lives in the line of duty and as a fellow paramedic and a firefighter. It is our job as the community to memorialize them. Make sure they are not forgotten," Fleck said.

The memorial sign will be installed in mid-July at a special ceremony to honor both Tim McCormick and Cody Medley at crash site.