Mellencamp's teenage sons face battery charges

The alleged attack took place on this porch.
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Hud Mellencamp never turned himself in to the Monroe County Sheriff on Saturday.

Singer-songwriter John Mellencamp's two teenage sons face felony battery charges after Bloomington police say they severely beat a 19-year-old man late last month.

Eighteen-year-old Speck Mellencamp emerged from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office at around 12:30 PM Friday afternoon to be whisked away by his attorneys.

He is charged with felony battery stemming from an incident on the porch of a home that sits in the shadow of Memorial Stadium in Bloomington.

"This is sad. I mean, it's a terrible thing that happened and the community needs to sort that out. This is not the kind of behavior that is condoned here," said Betsy Green, Bloomington attorney for Alex Bucy.

Police say the beating was so severe that it caused facial fractures and that Bucy has been referred to a plastic surgeon.

The police report accuses Speck Mellencamp, his brother Hud Mellencamp and Ty Smith of beating Bucy after they approached him while he was sitting on his porch. The attack happened hours after a party at the home had wrapped up that Bucy hadn't even attended.

"My client believes in accountability but we also have a lot of faith in the community justice system here and we are not interested in making any statements and we are not interested in trying the case in the media or on TV," said Green.

Ty Smith turned himself in to authorities on Thursday. Hud Mellencamp is expected to do the same, possibly Monday. Having turned 18 last April, Speck Mellencamp is now an adult. He was not accompanied by his celebrity father when he got out of jail Friday, just his lawyers.

July 29th attack

Witnesses describe what happened on the front porch of a home on North Lincoln Street on July 29th as an ambush.

"He was just out there, minding his own business and they just all three came up and started attacking him," said the victim's roommate and witness, Chris Cain. "Alex was in defense mode pretty much the whole time and then all three of them were basically passing him around while he was sitting on the couch, just punching and kicking him."

Police say it was a brutal attack at the hands of Hud and Speck Mellencamp. Also accused is Ty Smith, who is the son of IU's baseball coach, Tracy Smith, and listed on the IU Football roster as a freshman wide receiver.

All three are accused of felony battery.

Investigators say the attack happened a few hours after a party, around 2:45 a.m. July 29th.

Witnesses say Speck Mellencamp got into an argument there and later came back, looking for vengeance.

Mellencamp told police someone had punched him earlier that night at the party.

"It was some type of retaliation, perhaps on the part of the individuals who returned and wrong place wrong time for the victim," said Bloomington Police Capt. Joe Qualters.

Witnesses say Alex Bucy, who wasn't even at the party, became their target. They say Bucy returned home from work, took a shower and was relaxing on the front porch, when the three teens approached.

Friends say Bucy asked them, "Can I help you?" and that's when things turned violent.

"When he was just sitting there, they all three just started attacking him, throwing punches. His head was just being tossed around like a punching bag. I mean both cheeks were just sliced open bleeding. His cheeks were swollen shut. His eyes - he could barely see," Cain said. "Then Speck actually tackled him off the top of the stairs (onto the sidewalk below) onto his back with him on top of him punching him."

Hud Mellencamp is a competitive amateur boxing champion. But police say what happened in Bloomington was no match for the victim, with three high-profile Hoosiers accused in the crime.

Probable cause affidavit - Speck Mellencamp

Probable cause affidavit - Hud Mellencamp