Meet Harvey & Irma: Couple married 75 years share names with destructive hurricanes

Harvey and Irma Schluter have been married 75 years - long before their namesake hurricanes formed.

SPOKANE, Wash. (KHQ) - Long before Harvey and Irma made their names known across the southern part of the United States, there was a Harvey and Irma in the Pacific Northwest.

But while the hurricanes named Harvey and Irma have come together in the headlines in just the past few weeks, Harvey and Irma Schluster have been together a lot longer. In fact, the couple celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary this spring!

"Every day. Just keep living," the couple told KHQ-TV in Spokane.

Harvey Schluter just celebrated his 104th birthday. His bride is a young 92.

"Just give and take each day, one at a time," the couple said.

While they share the names of two of the most destructive storms in recorded history, nothing else about the couple resembles a hurricane.

"You know, I don't know a whole lot about hurricanes. I've never studied them or anything," they said.

Irma learned about the hurricanes' names from her children.

"I thought, 'Oh sure, those kids were pulling my leg' and I didn't believe them. Kids are always trying to get the best of me, anyway," she said.

Harvey and Irma, who live a peaceful life thousands of miles away from the devastation of their namesakes, are looking forward to when the destruction of the hurricanes is over.

"It'll be nice for those people when it's over. A lot of people are being torn up with this mess, this mess that it makes," the Schluters said.

Hurricanes are named by the World Meteorological Organization. They meet each year to discuss hurricanes and decide when to retire the names of the costliest and deadliest hurricanes, such as Katrina or Matthew.