Meet a local family who benefits from United Christmas Service

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INDIANAPOIS (WTHR) - The United Christmas Service, a program of the United Way, benefits from all of the sales of our Sunrise cookbooks. They help provide Christmas for more than five-thousand families making their holidays a little brighter. Here's one family that's been adopted by a local agency meaning gifts for all of the children.

LaToya Tahirou starts every weekday morning right here dropping her kids off at Phalen Leadership Academy. Her children, they are priority one. That's why she's so thankful to the United Christmas Service for giving her a little bit of extra help during the holidays for her children.

"It's definitely a blessing. As a mother, I would like to be able to go to the bank or reach in my pocket and buy nice things for my children and that's just not the case this year. I try to instill in my kids what the real meaning of Christmas is about and that's about Jesus Christ. Even to buy the smaller things, me as a mother, I didn't have it in my pocket to do, so I'm so grateful to the United Way," said LaToya.

"Just the fact of having something to open with my family and them being there is more than a gift to me. It's a blessing and some people don't get that, so we should be thankful for it," said Mya, LaToya's 12-year-old daughter.

"I'm just grateful to the United Way, I'm grateful to their staff, I'm grateful to the donors. I'm grateful to everyone that's a part of it, not just for myself, but for a whole lot of families because they make Christmas possible," said LaToya.

So, if there was any question about the impact and the reach of the United Christmas Service, just think about Latoya and her three children and the smiles on those faces.

To learn more about how you can contribute to the United Christmas Service beyond buying a cookbook at Marsh Supermarkets, go to: